Evelyn has not seen her father in 9 years, but has now agreed to meet him and talk. They awkwardly and desperately try to reconnect and find some common ground, but quickly problems arise. Old wounds and unmet needs are resurfacing, and they both have high expectations – but are they willing to give anything in return?

Shot in a day in the summer of 2018, Siphonophore is a short film drama with elements of magical realism. It is a story about breaking away from co-dependence while still leaving the other person with some dignity.

Script, Direction, and Styling by Linnea Pihl. Photography by Arpi Sahakyan. Original music by Tobias Elof. Concept art by Anna Sozinova. Animation by Lowe Haak. Sound Design by Sergey Bondarenko. Makeup and Hair by Kim Ikonen Jennings. Edited by Michelle Claase. In the roles: Linnea Pihl, Alan Adler and Jenny Gustavsson.


Official Selection

Miami Independent Film Festival
Top Shorts
South Film And Arts Academy Festival
Near Nazareth Film Festival


Best Indie Short Film – South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Best Editing – South Film and Arts Academy Festival

Honourable Mentions

Best Lead Actress – South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Best Sound Design – South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Best Original Score- South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Best Production – South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Best Score – Top Shorts

Just Model Things (2016-2018) is a semi-autobiographical web series starring Linnea Pihl. It centres around the ageing model, LeeLoo, who tries to fend for herself in the unforgiving world of high fashion. What is life after modelling? Does she have her own identity, or true friends, even? Starting out as a hobby project, Just Model Things went on to win several awards. Script, direction, original music and editing by Linnea Pihl.

Official Selection

Direct Short Online Film Festival, June 2017
International Online Web Fest, October 2017
Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest, December 2017
Worldwide Women’s Film Festival, February 2018


Web Series of the Month – Roma Cinema DOC, May 2017
Web Series of the Month – DMOFF, June 2017
Web Series of the Month – Miami Independent FF, June 2017

Also Appearing: Roxy Horner, Olwen Kelly, Barry Locke and Valerio Lysander.